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Alacrity: noun alac·ri·ty \ə-ˈla-krə-tē\

1. cheerful readiness, promptness, or willingness

2. liveliness; briskness.

About Us


We are a husband & wife photography team located in Portland, Oregon.

Let us tell you why we love photography so much! Let’s start off with the memories and moments a photograph captures. Many things trigger memory itself, your sense of smell, your touch, your hearing, but none as strong as seeing. Memory is such a simple thing really. Lots of people say, "We will always remember this or that moment." The truth is though that in a few days or weeks that memory fades. A photograph lasts for generations, and not only does it carry a memory and a moment, it lets you feel that moment over and over again. A photo can be placed where it can be seen every time you walk by and you can feel that moment and all the emotions that are attached to it. We love photography because no matter how old the photograph becomes or what generation sees it they will know the joy and the happiness that was that moment. They will remember the loved ones that have passed and the ones that they miss. Photos are memories that you feel should never fade or be lost.

          Ashley Nicole

is the lively one. She is very energetic and loves helping people whenever she has the opportunity. She has a sharp eye for the not so obvious, which helps a lot with her creativity. She wears her heart on her sleeve, never being one to hold back what she is thinking.


is the brisk full one who is super calm in almost every situation. His ability to solve problems whether big or small never ceases to impress. On the other hand he can be quite clumsy. He always takes the risky shots, often enough to the result of falling into something. 

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