What We Are All About

We are a photographic family.

We are Bryan & Ashley of Alacrity Photography. We met in the winter of 2007, in of all places, a camera store. It took just a few weeks for us to realize that we had met each other four years earlier, online. It took just over a year for us to build our business together (in the Spring of 2009) and in Fall of that same year, we were married.We both come from the upper Midwest, from Wisconsin to be exact. Shortly after our wedding, we took a trip to Portland, Oregon. Five years later, we traveled there again, this time permanently. Six months after we put down our roots in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest, we got the best news we could ever imagine… we were going to have a baby! Our son, Scout is silly, handsome, and the light of our lives. We are an adventurous family. We’re often found hiking on trails, visiting parks, and enjoying nature. We love exploring our surroundings, be it in the city or in the forest. Whether we’re heading downtown for some fine dining and shopping, or traveling to the countryside to enjoy a weekend camping and cooking over a campfire, we’re building memories that will last a lifetime. Our son Scout has made these adventures even more enriching. Being able to share our passions with our son, and teach him about the world, is such an amazing experience.

Why We Do What We DO

Let us tell you why we love photography so much! First off, the memories and moments a photograph can capture are truly unique. Many things can trigger a memory, a familiar scent, the way something feels, a song from your past, but nothing is quite as powerful as an image. A photograph lasts for generations, and not only does it carry with it a memory and a moment, it allows you to feel that moment and experience those sensations all over again. We believe printing photos is extremely important. Your treasured images do very little when they’re left on a storage device. Printing a photo allows you to see and feel the moments that were captured. No matter how old the photograph becomes or who sees it, they will know the joy and the happiness that was in that moment. They will remember the loved ones that they treasure, and have the opportunity to revisit those that have passed away. A photo is memory – an heirloom – that will never fade away.

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